An Insider Auto Launch Pro Review

Review on Auto Launch Pro

In today’s day and age, all the marketers trying to climb the success ladder are trying to grab your attention. They come up with the most innovative and wildest ways to make you notice their products. While a lot of times it can be quite distracting and irritating, can you really blame them? They are just trying to take the success of their business to the next level.

The new trend which is being employed is how the competitors are launching their programs and products well before you. This tends to make you the loser in the rat race. So how will you tackle this overwhelming problem? The solution to this is the Auto Launch Pro. This program has been created by Bill Hugal, Simon Harries, and Luke Maguire. If it is to be believed, Simon is considered to be the most successful affiliate managers of our time.

So now you might be wondering what all the hype is about where Auto Launch Pro is concerned. Well, this is a program which is considered to be a complete launch Bible for those of the business people who are looking to launch their new offerings with a bang. The experience of these three powerful names means that they mean serious business. They know the tricks of bringing the customers right at your doorstep. With the help of Auto Launch Pro, they are combing their experience gathered over the years with a software which is absolutely cutting-edge. It helps in solving the burning need which keeps going on all the marketers’ minds – how to grab the attention of the target customers. This is even more intensified when your new product is being targeted to the market niches.

Believe it or not, the launching of a new product is one of the easiest ways of absolutely winning in the online world. The market is massive and filled with all kinds of people. You name it – beginners, affiliate marketers, and list builders – all are involved in it. However, a lot of people struggle to get the results which they truly deserve. This is because there are so many components and tiny details which need to be considered before the launch of a product. Leaving out or overlooking even the minutest of detail can make the difference between a successful and talked-about launch and a complete disaster. But Auto Launch Pro aims to solve this problem once and for all.

To help you in making the maximum amount of commissions, these three people are also organizing a webinar before the launch. This is because they want to interact and connect with their customers on a personal level. They want to show all the features that Auto Launch Pro has in store for them and also answer all their queries.

What is included in Auto Launch Pro?

As the experts seem to say, you will not be able to find anything like this on the market. It truly is one of a kind. The optional software helps in analyzing all the main launch calendars. After that, it will then pick on the best date for your product launch which will guarantee you the highest amount of recognition and success for your product.

The front end includes a training module which tends to cover all aspects of researching and executing a launch which is highly profitable. After all, unique teaching approaches from two leaders and a successful affiliate manager is bound to guarantee you this.


  • Preparation and planning
  • Making outsourcing much easy than before
  • Simple ways to generate traffic
  • JV recruitment made easy
  • Email marketing directed towards the top tiers
  • The big money backend


Bonus content

  • Affiliate marketing. This implies getting paid for all that you are worth
  • The super JV magnet
  • Ad wizardry directed towards Facebook
  • VSL templates and sales page which converts into high sales
  • Cheat sheets
  • Check lists
  • Exclusive Auto Launch Facebook community templates
  • Past business success stories



  • Template for easy product creation
  • Facebook launch in real time
  • Provides exclusive live training
  • Includes an own launch group rolodex
  • A heap of unannounced bonuses
  • Offers a package of three ready-to-roll products, three pieces of sales copies, and three pieces of JV page



  • Considered to be slightly expensive
  • People still think of it as a scam
  • The grey area of failure is not highlighted
  • Not applicable for everyone
  • Includes a lot of technical knowledge
  • Is not applicable for both niche and mass markets
  • Sceptism surrounding the hype of being one of a kind product


Final words

Despite all the negativity surrounding the Auto Launch Pro, it is hard to deny the benefits and the long-term success this product has the capability to deliver. Beside from all the modules being included in this product, the three creators have taken the extra effort of communicating with their users. Besides hosting a webinar before the launch, the program also includes the option of having an online community which operates in real time. So regardless of whichever corner of the world Simon, Harry, and Luke are, they will be there by your side to guide you through this jungle. As for the price, consider it to be a long term investment.

What the affiliates have to say

If you are still seeming a bit hesitant, read below what the affiliates have to say regarding the three creators of this software.

According to Mark Tandan, Simon is known to be a very helpful person. He tends to give fantastic support with all the tools and answers. He seems to genuinely care about the help he is providing. As for another affiliate, this is a superb and a 5-star product in her opinion. This program is not a one-time trick or a strategy which will stop working after a couple of months. It is a tried and tested method which is going to work on all kinds of situations, regardless of its uncommonality or diversity.

So why not get the course, this tool while you can still grab the chance. This may be the break which you have been seeking for so long.